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Who are we?


We are a small but purposeful and well connected charity whose ethos is community. 


Our motive and message is clear.  We believe in an holistic and asset based community development aproach to being a Hub for Families. 


Our goal has been to build a place that oozes warmth, empathy and understanding, accessibility, togetherness, and belonging, education, and opportunity.

We pride ourselves on being a flagship of encompassing the needs of ALL of community;  including parents and babies, toddlers, children, adults and our wonderful older generation through a plethora of projects and services including (but not exhaustively)


-      New Beginnings Baby Bundles and baby bank

-      Wellbeing sessions 

-      Our own EYFS devised learn, grow and play sessions

-      Trusted facilitator of the CHANGES funded 0-5 years educational play programmes

-      Flexible Domestic abuse support

-      A dedicated and manned warm space for families

-      Experienced Signposting and referral service

-      A space for hire for after school and weekend meetings and sessions


Our teams multi-faceted training,

experience and expertise help us deliver a service which strengthens families.


We have handcrafted a hub of support and opportunities, honing in on those who need us most; parents, children, the elderly, the lonely, the isolated  and those affected by poverty, illness and /or disability, domestic abuse, trafficking and the many more factors which affect the most vulnerable and marginalised of our community. 


We believe that people shine and flourish when we are a movement working together, and that everyone benefits when we welcome, embrace, include and give dignity to, the diversity of thoughts, ideas and ways of working that people from different backgrounds, experiences and identities bring.


Welcome to New Beginnings Community - our home from home hub ♥️

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