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NBC - Under 5's Play Programme 
Welcomes You

'Little Birds' Baby Group

We offer a warm safe environment for your babies up to 12 months to explore and enjoy, a place for adults to talk and make new friends, share advice, and make good memories with your baby

Opening Times

Mondays 10am till 11am

(Term Time Only)

£2 per child 

includes toast, biscuits and refreshments for all

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Copy of Copy of We are a group of people who care passionately about the community and wan
'Little Frogs' gymnastics

A group for children aged 12 months +. Includes soft play, ball pit, ride on toys, tents, tunnels, climbing equipment, balance toys and much more

Opening Times

Wednesdays 1pm till 2pm

(Term Time Only)

£2 per child 

includes toast, biscuits and refreshments for all

'Little Fish' Baby & Toddler cafe

A fun and welcoming group for parents and carers with babies & toddlers with lots of toys, singing & dancing, arts & crafts, messy play, baby area and lots more.

Brunch items available to purchase throughout session.

Suitable for Babies & Toddlers up to 5 years old

Opening Times

Thursdays 10am till 12noon

(Term Time Only)

£2 per child 

includes toast, biscuits and refreshments for all

Our Aim

Welcome everyone


Give a warm welcome to everyone, whatever their age, relationship to the child, culture, colour, gender or disability.


Be excellent


Show excellence in all that is done in our group, from making coffee to comforting a person in distress. At all times, try to maintain our high standards.


Provide a safe and happy environment


Offer a safe and happy environment for parents, carers and children.


Offer friendship


Offer true friendship to everyone who comes to our group and create an environment where friendships can be made among our group.


Involve parents and carers


Encourage parents and carers to assist and participate fully in the group, as the group is for them and their children. 

We at NBC would like to welcome you. We will do all we can to help you feel a part of our happy NBC under 5's groups. The groups are run by volunteers.


Although every care will be taken to ensure the safety of the children at NBC, they do remain your responsibility at all times. Please be aware that there may be other users of the facilities in the building. Our register book is located by the door please sign yourself and your children in as soon as you arrive.  


We like to ensure that every group member feels relaxed, supported, safe and secure, and that they have fun while they are here. When you register each week you are agreeing to follow a few simple ground rules that ensure everyone has an enjoyable time


  • Your child’s safety and the way they relate to and play with other children, are your responsibility. Please intervene with your child if others are at risk of being hurt!

  • If another parent expresses concern about something your child has done, listen graciously. Explore each other’s point of view even if you don’t agree or feel you have been misunderstood. Stay friends!

  • Appreciate the team members who are here to organise and facilitate the group, but who are also part of the group family.

  • Take care of and encourage your children to look after the room, the equipment and each other, and take care with buggies and belongings.

  • Please make sure the entry door is closed behind you, as children may be able to run out.

  • Smoking is not allowed at any time during the session

  • Hot drinks must be in a travel mug with a secure lid

  • Treat others with respect.

  • Parents and carers are asked to help clear away toys


We like to keep the entrance free for everyone’s safety. Please leave your prams/buggies in the designated area, ensuring fire exits are left clear at all times. Sleeping babies must not be left in unattended buggies/carriers. All personal property remains your responsibility for the duration of your stay with us.  All activities are for the enjoyment of you and your child. With this in mind we would ask you leave the toys/ activities, as you would like to find them.


It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that any broken/damaged/soiled toys/equipment are brought to the group’s attention immediately. We do value your comments on the group, and would also like to know if you have any concerns or suggestions about how we can do things differently.

If you have any questions about NBC please approach us.

Above all, we are about having fun – so enjoy being together!

If you need to speak to us outside of group times, you can contact us on:


Carrie Pearson – 07762 303374




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