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Information for Referral Agents


New Beginnings provides Moses Basket packs for the MOST VULNERABLE mothers and their new babies in our community. To safeguard the recipients of our New Beginnings packs we do not meet the end user but take referrals from midwives, health visitors and other agency workers. The packs are then taken out to the families by the person who has made the referral.


As much as we would like to help all those in need, these baskets are for women in extreme hardships, for example: Victims of trafficking, those suffering mental health, seeking asylum, victims of domestic abuse, teenage parents, homeless, those with no recourse to public funds.


Our New Beginnings Baby Bundles packs contain a Moses Basket filled with clothing, toiletries and essential equipment gifted to families in need.


Most of the contents of our packs are donated by our generous community. We process the donations as they come in and pack up lovely parcels of Moses Basket, clothes, toiletries and other essential items ready to be taken out as gifts to families in real need. We believe that for some of our families this may be the nicest thing that they have ever received and take pride in making our newborn bundles the very best we can.


At present we are only able to supply starter packs to women in the Sandwell area due to storage and the fact our items are donated.


Referrals are made via the help of midwives, health visitors and other professional groups, who work directly with these families.


Our New Beginnings volunteers then lovingly collect sort and package a Moses Basket newborn bundle of clothing, toiletries and essential baby equipment as an attractive gift to the new mothers, who then receive the gift hopefully about a month before the due date.



Our Baby Bundles include the following:


1 x Moses Basket with BRAND NEW mattress

1 x Size 1 Nappies

1 x Size 2 Nappies

3 x packs baby wipes

1 x pack nappy sacks

1 x Baby Shampoo

1 x Baby bubble bath,

1 x Baby liquid soap

1 x Baby lotion,

1 x Baby Oil

1 x shampoo for mum

1 x toothbrush for mum

1 x shower gel for mum

1 x toothpaste for mum

1 x deodorant for mum

1 x pack breast pads

2 x packs maternity towels

1 x Baby sponge

1 x bag cotton wool

3 x muslins cloths

1 x hooded baby towel

2 x Moses basket sheets

4 x baby blankets

4 x baby toys

1 x bundle of vest - newborn to 3/6 months (approx. 10 in each bundle)

1 x bundle of sleepsuits - newborn to 3/6 (approx. 10 in each bundle)

1 x bundle of outfits - newborn to 3/6 (approx. 10 in each bundle)

4 x cardigans

5 x bibs

5 x pairs mitts

5 x hats

5 x pairs socks/tights

3 x baby shoes

1 x coat

1 x snowsuit

1 x Box of chocolates

1 x Congratulations Card


This service is offered free of charge, simply to care for those in need within our community.


To request a referral form please contact


Many thanks


Carrie Pearson

CEO New Beginnings Community 



New Beginnings Baby Bundles
Terms & Conditions



As a referrer to New Beginnings I will:


  • Order ‘Newborn Bundles’ by email, using the correct referral form with, (where possible), at least a month’s notice, giving as much detail as possible on my order form

  • Be courteous in my communication

  • Collect the baskets within ONE WEEK of being informed they are ready for collection

  • Baskets must be collected by the person who made the referral and not by the client

  • Accept that failure to collect the basket will result in it being passed on to another equally needy client

  • Recognise that New Beginnings can only offer what we have in stock 

  • Note that New Beginnings is CLOSED on Fridays, and as part of our good relationship I will not attempt to contact on that day


As New Beginnings we will:


  • Where possible prepare your order before the due date

  • Let you know by email when your basket is ready for collection

  • Do our best to fulfil any extra items requested


New Beginnings Baby Bundles is staffed and run by VOLUNTEERS. All the items we provide are very kindly donated by members of the public, so we can only pack the baskets with what we have in stock. We will do our very best to provide a beautifully packed basket, with as many items as we can manage. 


We do not have the storage space to keep cots, buggies, car seats etc. so cannot offer to supply these items. On a rare occasion if we have one of these items we can offer it, but we are NOT in a position to source any of these items. 


Our usual provision is:

Moses Basket filled with items for mum and baby

Moses Basket stand (if in stock)

Baby Bath (if in stock)


Our normal opening ours for collection are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30am till 1.00pm during term time.  Collection is from: New Beginnings Community, St Marks Church Londonderry, Thimblemill Road, Smethwick B67 6LP




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