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The Survivor Lighthouse CIC ethos and aim is to provide a multi-faceted and holistic, compassionate approach to our Domestic Violence support service.

We believe survivor education is only one element of that and to reflect this, we provide weekly daytime and evening Freedom Programme courses, alongside a very 'hands on' pastoral care; offering complimentary services, signposting to sister organisations, making referrals to our new partnerships, and providing some fantastic Survivor Lighthouse only opportunities and benefits.

Another key part of our pledge to fighting Domestic Violence is to work with and alongside the professionals, workplaces and employers to ensure that anyone working with survivors fully comprehends and recognises the many complex facets of abuse, and how abusers and victims act, the myths and misconceptions and also recovery and healing for survivor families. 

We believe anyone entrusted to working with survivors has a civic responsibility to have the most up-to-date, robust and accurate knowledge base to ensure that they act appropriately, with compassion and moreover, educated insight, and we actively encourage requests from all professionals. 

We have several fantastic partnerships and collaborations which mean that we have an excellent community reach and visibility.  

Thank you for your continuing support;  helping us to help others.

The Survivor Lighthouse Family.

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